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It is a pillow that goes behind your back for support, the one between your knees for temperature control.

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Washable custom cover

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If you are like most people, one pillow throughout the night is just not enough. There’s the pillow that goes behind your back for support, the one between your knees for temperature control and the two to prop up your head to aid in breathing. And, if you’re pregnant…don’t forget to add one more for tummy support. The Snoogle is uniquely designed to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe. Perfect for sleeping and relaxing. Complete with removable/washable cover. The horseshoe shaped head pillow allows you to attain the position and height that is just right for you. The extra long midsection is the perfect width for total back or tummy support… depending on the direction you choose to snuggle up in your Snoogle. The slightly curved end tucks snugly between the knees as it conforms to your body’s shape keeping you cool and comfortable all night long!

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  • Made in US
  • Snoogle takes the place of multiple pillows to support hips, back, neck, and tummy
  • Patented design was developed by a Registered Nurse and Mom
  • Enjoy cuddle comfort and support without the extra body heat
  • Snoogle cover is removable and machine washable
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  • White
  • Brown
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the shipping size of the total body pillow?

    It comes packaged in a large box relative to product size. The Pillow is in the orignal factory packaging with a zippered transparent pillow bag. The box I would guess is in the neighborhood of 35"Lx22"Wx12"H --> I have since returned the product and do not have the box to get exact dimensions. Hope this helps!

  • What is the cover made of? I am looking for 100% cotton cover.

    Parth, unfortunately the cover is 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

  • Is the pillow fold-able as i need to pack it in a bag and use it when i am traveling.

    It's pretty bulky. It can fold, but i don't think it'd be a reasonable thing to travel with. Maybe try the mini version

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