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The kids can wish upon lots of stars when they transform an ordinary bedroom into their own private star-filled universe.

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Bright stars

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Fully adjustable, the Laser Twilight requires no set up, just plug it in! Creates thousands of stars with or without cloud formations, look for the occasional shooting star! A "firefly" effect can be created when shone onto shrubs and trees, however the unit is designed for indoor use and should be placed accordingly. Transform large or small spaces with this amazing spectacle of animated stars and cloud formations into a starry night sky; all coming from a safe but powerful green lazer and blue led, using holographic technology.

The blue nebula cloud field is fully adjustable, from off to brightest setting or anywhere in between. Over 300,000 Laser Stars have sold since they were first offered in 2007, we now bring more wonder and beauty of a living galaxy with the all new Laser Twilight. Using little energy, this units plugs into wall with an AC adapter. Projects a 20' round field of gently moving green laser starbeams floating in different directions across your ceiling, along with a blue nebula windblown cloudfield floating in the center 8' round when projected from the floor at an angle towards an 8' ceiling. The projection field gets larger the further away it is from a surface.

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  • Crystal clear animated star-display projector
  • Adjustable to the size of the projection surface
  • AC Adapter included.
  • No setup required
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there anything in the literature that comes with the product listing what voltage it can handle?

    It comes with an A/C adapter. If you look on the adapter it SHOULD say somewhere in very fine print on the part that plugs into the wall something along the lines of "INPUT: 120V" OR it may give a range as in "INPUT: 100-240V". If it gives a range as in the latter example, then all you need to do is find a cheap adapter (NOT CONVERTER).

  • I want to use this at my church for a large ceiling, will this work?

    Yes, it will! It covers a very large area; however, this product only lasts so many hours and then it's no good. The bulb cannot be replaced. But it is quite beautiful while it lasts!

  • Will there REALLY be shooting stars?

    No shooting stars. Just a bunch of green laser pointers rotating around in clusters. Very pretty, but not real exciting. The blue fog may set a romantic tone though on this machine, and you can change its brightness to find the right mood.

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