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The Lanzar SD34MIP is the fifth movie-playing A/V head unit in Lanzar’s Street Vision series.

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controls on the front panel are easy to work out, comfortable to work with as you drive

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remote control is full-featured, covers everything you might want to do usually with just one or two button presses

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colors on the screen are bright and make everything easy to watch

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CD and DVD playback is solid, doesn't skip or have a hard time with scratched discs

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comes with the cord you need for the iPod connection right away, don't have to buy it separately

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good range of inputs and outputs for expandability

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remote control is confusing, takes awhile to figure out what buttons you need to work with

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The Lanzar SD34MIP is the fifth movie-playing A/V head unit in Lanzar’s Street Vision series. As an addition, it includes in I-Pod control cable—by connecting the iPod via the unique cable, users can control all iPod functions directly from the head unit. Like its peers, the player handles movies (DVDs, VCDs), music (CDs, MP4, AM/FM), and external devices (USB, Aux, iPod). Most notable about this A/V head unit is that it also includes a rear Camera Out and a Parking Video In, allowing the unit to connect to auto-security equipment. Suffice it to say, the Lanzar SD34MIP is (in essence) a movie player, a jukebox, a radio, and a security system, all in one.

  • Street Vision Series
  • Movie-Playing A/V Head Unit
  • 3” (16:9) TFT Color Monitor
  • DVD/VCD/MPEG4/CD/CD-R/CDRW Compatible
  • Treble/Bass/Balance/Fader/Encoder/Volume
  • PLL Synthesizer Tuner
  • Auto Store/Preset Scan
  • AM/FM 2 Band Radio
  • 30 Preset Station memory (18FM / 12AM)
  • PAL/ NTSC Color
  • Anti-Shock Mechanism/ EPS Function
  • Remote Control
  • iPod Control Cable
  • Subwoofer Out
  • A/V In/Out
  • Rear Camera Out
  • Parking Video In
  • RCA Line Out
  • AUX In
  • USB
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