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This Harmony B Sharpe doll talks, dances and sings five different songs whenever she gets a new hairdo, making play time a blast

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Harmony B Sharp features an round face, button eyes, and a big personality. Created from the cloth of a singer's dress, she loves to be in the spotlight. Like all Lalaloopsy dolls, she was once a rag doll who came to life just as her last stitches were sewn.

An aspiring singer, Harmony dresses the part with her sparkly blue and pink dress, cute molded socks and shoes, and pink molded hair. She comes with a rattling pet cat to help kids keep the beat while Harmony entertains.

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Interchangeable Hair Pieces Trigger Different Songs

Press the button in the center of Harmony's chest and she'll interact with you. She has six ponytail hair pieces: two silly hair pieces with pink bows, a yellow stars hair piece, a green bow hair piece, a top hat hair piece, and a red bow hair piece. Keep the hair pieces organized and in one place with the included plastic pouch.

Each hairstyle triggers a different song when plugged into the hair-piece slot on the right side of Harmony's head. Family members who are sensitive to sounds should know that the Harmony B Sharp doll does not include a volume button. However, she has an on/off switch and her songs and interactions are short.

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Included Stage Allows Harmony to Dance and Move

Harmony dances when attached to the stand on the dance stage. When attached and while singing, she moves her legs and arms and twists at the waist. Her hair pieces also whirl and twirl. If unattached, Harmony will continue to talk and sing but without movement.
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Interact with Harmony

Harmony interacts with you in several ways. You can help her get ready to perform by choosing a hair piece for her to wear. Or Harmony will prompt you to insert a specific hair piece for her. Occasionally, she will ask you to dance. To save battery power, Harmony will go into sleep mode if she isn't played with for a period of time.
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What's in the Box

Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Doll with outfit and shoes, pet cat, stage, six hair pieces, and one clear
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