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The LaCie Iamakey USB Flash Drive is the high end offering of LaCie's designer USB 'keys'.

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unique design - literally a 'USB key'

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relatively long manufacturer warranty - 2 years

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great for use on a key chain - matches the rest of your keys

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durable construction - made of metal for longevity

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no protection on the connecting end - no cap included

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poor value - expensive dollar per GB ratio

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slow - slower file transfers than most other flash drives

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The LaCie Iamakey USB Flash Drive is the high end offering of LaCie's designer USB 'keys'.  Cleverly shaped as an actual key, the entire line is very sturdy, and is meant to 'go anywhere' much more naturally than traditional USB Flash Drives.  The Iamakey's price is fairly reasonable, for 17.99 one would normally expect a bit higher storage than 4 gigs, but the trade off is it's aesthetic appeal, and it's durability. The 8 gig version jumps another 10 dollars, which unfortunately brings the price to a level that you would be expecting more from.

Iamakey's sister product, the Itsakey is slightly cheaper.  However price isn't really the comparison point for the two products. The Iamakey is lighter, and slimmer than the Itsakey, but requires a plastic cap to keep it's connecters safe.  The Itsakey's extra bulk allows it to have an internalized connectors, which means less small parts to loose.  The difference between the two products is strictly the body, the USB key on the inside is identical.

  • USB 2.0
  • 480mb/s internal transfer rate
  • 2 Year warranty
  • 2.24 x 0.94 x 0.12 in. / 57 x 24 x 3 mm
  • Slim, Light Weight but Durable 
  • Fits on a keyring
  • 4gig memory (expandable to 8gig)
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