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It is a device from LaCie combining network-attached storage with wireless routing and access point functionality.

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great media streaming compatibility - can stream to iTunes, UPnP/DLNA devices, Xbox 360, PS3 etc.

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good value - costs less than Apple's Time Capsule product

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looks good - minimalist, sleek design by Neil Poulton

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wireless router

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Can be accesses remotely via internet

10 agree

Allows to remotely backup computers on the network

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fanless operation - suitable for use in a media room where noise must be kept to a minimum

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3 USB & 4 Ethernet ports

7 agree

Compatible with Apple Time Machine

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Works with Mac & PC

6 agree

Wireless file storage

4 agree

Good value

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Fanless operation

2 agree

Wireless backup

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Excellent design

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Content streaming

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glossy enclosure - attracts fingerprints and shows dust

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technical support is not offered by phone unless owners submit a request online

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included manual is over-simplified - users must visit the website for technical documentation

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requires a firmware update to automatically spin down the unit's hard drive

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can get very hot - no active cooling

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blue LED can be annoying in darkened rooms

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The Wireless Space is a device from LaCie combining network-attached storage with wireless routing and access point functionality. Supporting the latest 802.11n wireless, the Wireless Space is available in 1TB and 2TB capacities. It is likely the strongest competitor to emerge against Apple's Time Capsule, which also combines wireless routing with network storage (in identical capacity options), yet at significantly higher price points. The 2TB Time Capsule is $200 more expensive than the 2TB WIreless Space, but has some unique features, including dual-band Wi-Fi and guest networking. The LaCie device is PC- and Mac-compatible, and fully supports Time Machine.

  • 802.11b/g/n wireless router/access point
  • 1TB or 2TB HDD
  • DLNA support
  • Media server capability
  • Mac/PC-compatible
  • Time Machine support
  • Glossy black design
  • 3 ethernet ports
  • 2 USB ports
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