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The LaCie Rikiki is one of two ultra-compact, portable hard drives (Rikiki, Rikiki Go) from LaCie.

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Very lightweight for these capacities

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Onboard software makes it very easy to partition the drive, right after plugging in

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Very quiet operation for a budget drive

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Does not require an external power supply to function with most PCs

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USB 3.0 devices require driver updates, especially on Mac

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Corners are sharp and may potentially scratch other devices

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Drive does not really enter a full sleep mode, continually spins as long as powered

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The LaCie Rikiki is one of two ultra-compact, portable hard drives (Rikiki, Rikiki Go) from LaCie. In particular, the original Rikiki offers up to 640GB of disk space (250GB & 500GB models also available) and uses a USB 2.0 interface that is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6. More importantly, it offers a 480Mbits/s data transfer rate. In general the Rikiki is targeted towards savvy business professionals who require 24/7 access to their files—but who also demand a stylish design that fits well in business environments. Additional features include a built-in software suite for enhanced performance (33% on Windows ONLY), and a tough exterior that can withstand bumps and scrapes.

  • Portable Hard Drive
  • Durable/Lightweight/Compact Design
  • Brushed-Aluminum Exterior
  • Resistant to Scratches & Bumps
  • USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • Up to 640GB Storage Space
  • 480Mbits/s Data Transfer
  • LaCie Setup Assistant
  • LaCie Backup Assistant
  • Windows/Macintosh Compatibility
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
Model Variations
  • LaCie Rikiki 301908 | 320GB - $69.99
  • LaCie Rikiki 301909 | 500GB - $84.99
  • LaCie Rikiki 301911 | 640GB - $104.99
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