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The LaCie Hard Disk Max is a 2TB external hard drive that connects via USB 2.0.

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USB port on front panel for connecting other devices

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Elegant design with ambient LED underneath

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Dual 1TB drives can run in RAID 0 (BIG) or RAID 1 (SAFE) mode, switchable from the back panel

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Mirror-polished design can be easily scratched

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Only has USB 2.0 connection, no Firewire or eSATA. Hence not very fast transfer speed

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The LaCie Hard Disk Max is a 2TB external hard drive that connects via USB 2.0. Two 1TB hard drives are contained inside which can be set to run in either a RAID 0 (BIG) or RAID 1 (SAFE) configuration by flipping a switch on the back. RAID 0 is used for high capacity and fast transfer which stripes data across both drives, while RAID 1 mirrors data between both drives, leaving one drive an exact replica of the other. A USB 2.0 port on the front panel makes it possible to connect another device to the hard drive for convenient data backup. Mirror-polished black design by Neil Poulton is a very attractive feature, along with an ambient blue LED on the undersurface which changes to red in the event of any potential problems. Although this hard drive doesn't come with eSATA protocol like other LaCie drives which makes it slower, the RAID switchability on the unit using two drives makes for a safe and secure back up system. Plug & Play operation and both Windows and Mac software is also included.

  • USB 2.0 connectivity with extra USB 2.0 port on front panel
  • Dual 1TB drives can be used in RAID 0 (large capacity) or RAID 1 (safe) modes
  • RAID mode switch on back panel
  • 35MB/s maximum transfer rate
  • Plug & Play
  • Software included: LaCie Utilities (preloaded on the drive) LaCie Backup Assistant, LaCie Setup Assistant
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