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The LaCie CloudBox is a network backup device as well as a cloud storage service.

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Double backup (one local, one on the cloud)

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Super safe

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128-bit AES encyption

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Simple to use

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Password protection

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Inexpensive cloud storage solution

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On/Off scheduling option

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Files can be recovered from the cloud at any time

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Attractive design

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Nice set of features

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Plug and play

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Good transfer speed

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Easy to setup and use

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Silent operation

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The LaCie CloudBox is a network backup device as well as a cloud storage service. The CloudBox has a single LAN port for connection with your network router. The software allows for automatic back up between three areas: computers on your network, the CloudBox itself, and an online backup. The CloudBox has 100GB of physical storage as do the online service. Any data that is backed up in the CloudBox will also be uploaded to the online cloud service as a second backup. All data that is uploaded to the online service is first encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption. The LaCie CloudBox is an innovative multi-layer backup solution; users will be able to restore content from either the physical drive or from the cloud service. This solution is certainly cheaper than a RAID dual hard drive (mirroring) setup. But for users who backup a large amount of data, 100GB will certainly not be enough. The LaCie CloudBox is an affordable dual backup solution for any buyers looking to back up documents or small amounts of data. 

Features / Specifications
  • Connects to router via 1000Mb LAN port
  • 100GB Network Storage
  • 100GB Online Cloud storage
  • Dual back up
  • Data can be restored via either source
  • 128-bit AES Encryption for data stored online
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Can run automatic backup for up to 10 computers
  • Backup software included
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Speed up to 100 Gb/sec
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