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The Krups XP2070 is the most expensive and fully featured member of the Krups line of coffee and expresso machine combinations.

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Compact size for a combo machine. Looks good and is very easy to use. Is ready within a minute but to make sure your water is at the proper temperature, run a water shot first. Programmable espresso shot size.

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stainless steel finish looks high-end and attractive

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coffee has a rich flavor, well brewed

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coffee doesn't come out hot, just very warm

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espresso machine design is awkward and difficult to get it to work

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Steam tube can be knocked off if you rub it against side of container blowing hot milk everywhere. Poorly placed slot under espresso handle lets espresso cup fall over if cup base is small. Water overflow tray does not catch all the water sending it onto your counter surface. Buy where you can return. I've brought back four machines in three years for various malfunctions.

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inconsistent performance, makes a different amount of espresso every time

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frequent break-downs reported, difficult to get support apart from an in-warranty replacement

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a little loud during the brewing process

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The Krups XP2070 is the most expensive and fully featured member of the Krups line of coffee and expresso machine combinations. Its coffee machine side is programmable for coffee to wake the user up in the morning, an aroma selector for small quantities of coffee, a digital clock, has a 10 cup glass carafe, a removable filter holder, an anti-drip system, a visible water level indicator and an optional water filter. The expresso machine side is programmable for the strength and the size of the expresso, as well as for steam and hot water. The expresso machine side of the Krups XP2070 also has the following features: a 15 bar pump system that includes a di-cast thermoblock heating element, a heavyweight porta filter which works with both ground expresso and pre-portioned pods, a filter basket for storage on the lid, a steam nozzle, a cup warming tray, and a removable water tank with optional filtration. The Krups XP2070 measures 13.625 inches long, 11.5 inches wide, and 12.75 inches high.

  • 13.625" L x 11.5" W x 12.75" H
  • 10 cup coffee capacity
  • 15 bar pump for expresso
  • Handles both ground espresso and E.S.E pre-portioned pods
  • Filter basked with storage in lid
  • Steam nozzle
  • Cup warming tray
  • On/off button
  • Programmable for both coffee and expresso
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07/26/2010 04:43

I agree with b4sythe. I have had two bad experiences with Krups products, they break and the company will not make good on its warrantees. Don't buy their products

07/08/2009 02:46

I have one that died in just over 1 year. Krups customer service is terrible and will not sell you parts you have to send it to their service center at an unreasonable price. I would choose a different product from a different company.

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