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The Krups XP2010 is a combination coffee maker and expresso brewer.

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brews very quickly, minimal waiting for it to heat up

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easy to clean, everything comes apart easily for a quick wipe-up

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stylish design looks great on the counter

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can handle a little early-morning clumsiness, overall durable design

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usage is relatively easy once you're used to it

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top of the large coffee pot is fragile, need to be careful with it

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takes up a lot of counter space, need to clear room for it

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The Krups XP2010 is a combination coffee maker and expresso brewer. The expresso machine side comes with oversized controls, a 15 bar pump system that includes a di-cast thermoblock heating element, a heavyweight porta filter which works with both ground expresso and pre-portioned pods, a filter basket for storage on the lid, a steam nozzle, a cup warming tray, and a removable water tank with optional filtration. The coffee machine side comes with a basic on/off button, 10 cup capacity glass carafe, a removable filter holder, an anti-drip system, a visible water level indicator and optional water filtration. The Krups XP2010 is within the reasonable price range for a large family or small restaurant, but it isn't the most compact. It measures 13.625 inches long, 11.5 inches wide, and 12.75 inches high.

  • 13.625" L x 11.5" W x 12.75" H
  • 10 cup coffee capacity
  • 15 bar pump for expresso
  • Handles both ground espresso and E.S.E pre-portioned pods
  • Filter basked with storage in lid
  • Steam nozzle
  • Cup warming tray
  • On/off button
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