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Krups has designed their latest automatic drip coffeemaker with true coffee connoisseurs in mind.

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High-quality thermal carafe

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Close to ideal water temperature

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Wide dispersion area of water over the coffee (because of the brewing head design)

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Empty Water Reservoir feature subject to failure. A terminal error that prevents making any coffee.

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Controls are susceptible to damage if unit overflows.

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Krups has designed their latest automatic drip coffeemaker with true coffee connoisseurs in mind. The Krups design team focused on the mechanics of making a good cup of coffee using an automatic drip by factoring in issues like: water temperature, the amount of time the coffee is in contact with the water and the type of filter used. By expanding on the notion that the coffee itself is not the only factor that goes into a fine cup of coffee, Krups is acknowledging the importance of a good maker.


  • stainless steel thermal carafe
  • auto shutoff
  • delay brew
  • brew pause
  • 1100 watts of power for faster brew times, signals when complete
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Paula Callahan
12/28/2011 08:19

One week old and it just stopped working. The display flashes but none of the buttons function at all. Unplugging it won't clear the display or restore the defaults. I am so frustrated I'll probably never buy another Krups product. What the heck happened to Krups? They used to be so reliable! I give this product a solid ZERO.

10/20/2009 01:24

Worked once, then the water reservoir started complaining that it was always empty. No amount of fidgiting, un-plugging or waiting has helped. It goes back to the store today.

06/08/2009 08:56

I had this coffee maker for a month when it stopped working. The entire display would flash and coffee maker wouldn't operate. Returned it to the vendor.

06/06/2008 07:42

We bought the coffee maker in Feb. We had it for one month before it had an error and wouldn't fill because it thought there was no water in the reservoir. I took it to a service center. Didn't get it back in one month then I called Krups. They sent us a new one right away and that new one wouldn't work for the same reason. Still don't have it back and it is June. I am not happy with Krups and won't buy another.

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