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It is designed with closed leatherette ear cushions, an adjustable headband with a mesh sling for a comfortable fit.

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bass response is very good, doesn't distort

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details in music are clear without being too harsh

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foldable design is easy to store and transport

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good volume, even on low-powered portable devices

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lifetime warranty ensures durability and long wear with normal use

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cord is fairly short, making it difficult to walk around if connected to a PC

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treble is a little bit muddy

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The Koss UR40 is a full-sized stereophone featuring dynamic elements and a titanium coating on its diaphragms to reduce distortion and deliver accurate sound reproduction.  The stereophone has computer-optimized magnet structures enabling it to produce high volume with low voltage devices and has oxygen-free copper voice coils for sound clarity.  It is designed with closed leatherette ear cushions, an adjustable headband with a mesh sling for a comfortable fit, and collapsible earcups for easy storage.  One unique feature of the UR40 stereophone is the screened earcups that still allow the listener to hear external noise.  The stereophone has a 4 ft straight dual-entry cord with a 3.5mm gold-plated L-shaped plug and comes with a 6.3mm gold-plated adapter.  Compared to Koss' UR29 headphones, the UR40 has a higher-quality build and more features such as its mesh sling and screened earcups but lacks the in-line volume control that the UR29 has.

  • 2 mil. titanium coating on diaphragms
  • Computer-optimized neodymium iron boron rare earth magnet structures
  • Oxygen-free copper voice coils
  • Closed leatherette ear cushions with screened earcups
  • Lightweight (6 ounces)
  • Collapsible earcups
  • Airy mesh sling and adjustable headband
  • Dual-entry straight cord 
  • 3.5mm gold-plated L-shaped plug with 6.3mm gold-plated adapter
  • Frequency response: 15 - 22,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 60 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Cord Length: 4 ft
  • Lifetime warranty
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