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The Koss The_Clef model is a mid-grade headphone set for users of all ages that are always active and on the go.

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sound is adequate for most general listening purposes

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cord retracts easily into the case, keeps everything neat and tangle-free

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worth twice as much as they charge considering the unique value they bring

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nice rubber grips on the earbuds keep them securely in your ears without causing soreness

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reasonably good noise cancelling abilities

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can set the cord to varying lengths depending on how you're sitting or walking, reduces slack that might get in the way

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must be used while attached to the case, and the weight of the case makes it a bit awkward

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slightly tinny sounding with certain types of music

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The Koss The_Clef model is a mid-grade headphone set for users of all ages that are always active and on the go; the headset is outfitted with a special store and go body design. The_Clef headphones feature a retractable cord that allows easy, and tangle free cord storage and a preference on the length of cord left dangling. The_Clef headphone set comes with a convenient carrying case that includes a built-in keychain link and LED flashlight for use in dark conditions. The_Clef headset also features a lightweight, electro-dynamic element that outputs a frequency response of 40-20,000Hz. The_Clef headset includes additional features such as a 4 foot straight, retractable cord, ear-bud covers designed for maximum comfort, and a slick white, matching, body on both the case and earbud. The Koss The_Clef headphone set was released on June 20, 2006 and has an MSRP of $19.99.

Key Specs
  • Lightweight, store-and-go ear-bud design
  • 4 foot Retractable cord
  • Convenient carrying case with keychain hook
  • Built in LED flashlight on case
  • Fabric ear-bud covers designed for maximum comfort
  • Electro dynamic element
  • Slick white body design of both the case and ear-buds
  • Frequency Response: 40-20,000Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 100dB/mW
  • Release Date: 06/20/2006
  • MSRP: $19.99
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