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The PA2XPro uses Korg's "Extended Definition Synthesis" (EDS) technology first introduced with the M3 workstation.

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graphical touchscreen looks impressive and high-end

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audio output seems low-quality, tinny

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keys don't have a good feel, rebound isn't stiff enough

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controls are tricky to use even after you're used to them

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instructions don't give many details on how the controls work

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not many sounds available in the built-in library

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The PA2XPro is a high-end music workstation synthesizer from Korg that offers a step-up from the other models in the company's PA product line, including the PA500 and PA800 models. Featuring 76 semi-weighted keys, this model is optimized for song arrangement and utilizes Korg's "Real eXperience" (RX) sound technology. Parametric adjustments are made through the unit's graphical color touchscreen, with a number of display angles available in addition to various background colors for true user customization. Two different user modes - "Easy" and "Expert" are available for new and experienced musicians, offering tailored interfaces for both production and performance settings. 8 sliders and 2 switches are fully assignable to any number of parameters for on-the-go physical adjustment, with options including virtual organ drawbar functionality and specified level control of external outputs. The PA2XPro uses Korg's "Extended Definition Synthesis" (EDS) technology first introduced with the M3 workstation, with 120-note polyphony providing top-quality sound design and playback handling for virtually any style or genre. 905 ROM samples are available in total that include Korg's classic C-720 Concert Piano, including dedicated String and Damper pedal resonance control for added realism. Over 250 user-customizable sounds are included in addition to over 60 drum kits, with internal memory expandable up to 256 megabytes for sufficient project storage. 

  • 76 semi-weighted keys
  • Optimized for composers and arrangers
  • Extended Definition Synthesis technology
  • 4 stereo master effects processors
  • 950+ ROM sounds
  • 256 customizable user sounds
  • 64 drum kits
  • Concert Grand piano sampling with string and pedal resonance
  • Internal sampler with WAV and AIFF file support
  • Integrated phantom power 
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