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Featuring 61 half-sized keys that implement Korg's "Natural Touch" technology.

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Straightforward, easy-to-use layout.

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SD/SDHC card compatible for easy storage and data transfer.

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Keys don't feel perfect but are fairly comfortable to use, give a good response.

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120 voices--40 more than the high-end M50.

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Very slim, lightweight design--great for portable use.

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Retains much of the functionality of the well-regarded Korg M50 at half the price point.

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Only 49MB of ROM as compared to the M50's 256MB.

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Tiny two-line display makes anything beyond simple editing a pain.

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The Microstation is a miniature synthesizer from the Korg company that offers an alternative to the other models in the company's Micro product line. Featuring 61 half-sized keys that implement Korg's "Natural Touch" technology, this model emphasizes portability while incorporating many of the company's best known synthesis types. 480 sounds are included that span drums, basses, leads and keyboards - all fully customizable through the Microstation's integrated editing software. Over 250 sound design combinations are available, offering multiple layering and placement options for specific production needs. External MIDI controlling is also fully supported, with the Level 2 sound set enabling playback of all MIDI filetypes within the keyboard itself. Users can generate and control loops, work within a grid-style sequencer, and access the unit's dual arpeggiators for further synthesis options. Arrangers will benefit from a host of template songs, with an additional "Auto Song Setup" feature that takes the user through each step of the songwriting process. SD card support simplistic importing and exporting of audio content, while USB 2.0 connectivity removes the need for an external MIDI interface. 

  • Slim, lightweight design
  • 61-key Natural Touch keyboard
  • EDS-i technology for high-quality analog synth modelling
  • 480 ready-to-use sounds
  • 256 user-customizable sound combinations
  • 8 sound categories for easy navigation
  • Includes both hardware and software DAW/VST data
  • Full MIDI level 2 integration
  • USB connectivity
  • Integrated SD/SDHC card reader
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