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The M3 is a music workstation synthesizer from Korg that offers a step-up from the company's M50 model.

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intuitive interface, ideal for accessing functions on the fly as you play

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keys have a nice feel, very much like an actual piano

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plenty of free software upgrades and patches, add lots of drum tracks and pre-programmed songs to play with

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touch-sensitive keys are responsive to your performance, allow some artistry

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fun for beginners, lots of great functions that help you learn

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sells for much cheaper than comparable keyboards on the market

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no built-in speakers, need headphones or an external amp

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heavy and bulky, not ideal for carrying around from one location to another

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The M3 is a music workstation synthesizer from Korg that offers a step-up from the company's M50 model. Available in 88 and 61-key variations, this model functions as an all-in-one production/arrangement tool with a fully-functional DAW accessible via the unit's TouchView interface. Carrying over Korg's powerful EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) technology from the company's celebrated OAYSYS workstation, the M3 is pre-loaded with nearly 700 megabytes of PCM data for a wide range of sound variation possibilities. A 256-megabyte internal ROM drive has also been provided to store user-customized presets and sound banks, enabling sufficient storage of numerous song arrangements. Among the M3's stock sample sets are a number of electric pianos (reed and tine), a full stereo acoustic piano with damper and resonance layers, a multiple-velocity Clavinet, a number of tape-driven string and woodwind sets and a zero-cancellation mono piano. In addition to the "Xpanded" technology used to engineer the M3, the unit runs version 2.2 of Korg's "KARMA" digital effects processing software for seamless quantization and module synchronization. Generated effects can be hot-swapped in and out in real-time during in live and studio applications, with 700 presets available as well as a wide variety of fully customizable drum grooves. 

  • Available in 88 and 61-key models
  • Third release in Korg M Series product line
  • Touchscreen display
  • All-in-one keyboard, workstation and performance tool
  • 256MB internal ROM with EDS sampling technology
  • Incorporates an array of new and classic piano sounds
  • Includes 4 PCM expansion sound libraries
  • Integrated DAW
  • KARMA effects processing database with 700 presets
  • 149 pre-loaded drum sounds and patterns
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