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Full standalone operation is supported via an array of assignable knobs and faders.

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comes with a large library of high-quality sound samples

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well laid-out controls, easy to access functions

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small and light enough to be easy to transport

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great tools for working out new accompanying rhythms

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allows you to edit sounds and do a fair amount of customization

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keys are responsive to how hard you press them

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has no built-in speakers, will only work through another device

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The X50 is a music synthesizer from Korg that offers an alternative to the company's higher end workstation keyboards including the M3 and OASYS models. Utilizing an ultra-light compact design, this model features 61 full-sized light-touch keys and operates on Korg's "HI" synthesis technology inspired by the high-end TRITON workstation. 512 sound programs are pre-loaded onto the unit's 64-megabyte PCM memory module, with over 380 preset combinations allowing up to 8 simultaneous layers. Full standalone operation is supported via an array of assignable knobs and faders, with visual editing reference provided by the X50's LCD text display. "Multi Mode" enables users to trigger information from the keyboard via external sequencers and DAWs, with a 16-part multi-timbral module ensuring even the most complex arrangements are handled properly. A dedicated effects section provides one Insert, two Masters and a single Master EQ for each channel for rich digital processing, while dual-polyphony arpeggiation offers countless rhythmic and melodic options for any given piece of music. In addition, the X50 features 4-channel outputting for creating discrete stereo mixes that can be sent directly to a house sound system or a range of external devices including drum machines, sequencers and effectors. 

  • 61 full-sized light-touch keys
  • 512 on-board sound programs inspired by Korg's TRITON synthesizer
  • Multi Mode for 16-part multi-timbral sequencing 
  • Dedicated effects section with Insert, Master Effects and Master EQ
  • Dual polyphonic arpeggiation 
  • USB/MIDI connectivity
  • Integrated editing software with external DAW support
  • 8 program multi-support with up to 384 combinations available 
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