Functioning dually as a MIDI controller/sequencer and a performance keyboard.

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The microX is a miniature music synthesizer/controller from Korg that offers an alternative to the company's microKORG and microKORG XL models. Functioning dually as a MIDI controller/sequencer and a performance keyboard, this model features 25 full-sized light-touch keys and utilizes Korg's "HI" synthesis technology as inspired by the company's best-selling TRITON workstation. 640 fully-customizable sound programs are loaded into the unit's 64-megabyte internal ROM drive, with layering of up to eight programs at a time fully supported. Optimized for external DAW integration, the microX enables users to access "Multi Sets" mode, where multi-timbral sequencing can be programmed up to 16 parts at a time. A wide variety of digital effects are available that span dynamic, frequency and time-based processors, with simultaneous support of up to four types at one time. Discrete output channeling up to four channels allows users to use the microX in conjunction with a host of external devices, providing intricate mixing possibilities for live sound applications. The microX is also fully functional as a standalone unit, with built-in editing capabilities in both software and hardware forms. 

  • 25 full-sized light-touch keys
  • Influence by Korg's HI TRITON synthesis engine
  • 640 user-customizable audio programs
  • 64MB ROM internal memory
  • Combination Mode for 8-program synchronization 
  • Four high-quality integrated effects
  • Multi Set Mode for 16-part multi-timbral synchronization
  • Dual polyphonic arpeggiation
  • USB/MIDI connectivity
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