Comprising a vintage aesthetic that features square-front keys and radio tuner knobs.

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The microKORG XL is a miniature music synthesizer from Korg that offers a step-down from the company's microX model and a step-up from the standard microKORG model. Comprising a vintage aesthetic that features square-front keys and radio tuner knobs, this model is fitted with 37 semi-weighted half-sized keys for optimal portability. Utilizing Korg's "Multi Modelling Technology" (MMT) based on the RADIAS and R3 synths, the XL is equipped with 128 malleable sound programs for full user customization. Seven waveform types provide access to formant, noise, and PCM/DWGS data for realistic analog modelling, with advanced capabilities such as cross-modulation, unison stacking, and variable phase modulation enabling limitless editing possibilities. In addition to Sync and Ring modulation types, the unit is pre-loaded with 17 effects that range from chorus and reverb to MIDI-clockable delays and grain shifting. Similar to the other micro models, the XL features an integrated 16-band vocoder with dedicated controls including "Formant Hold" for continuous tonal alterations. 

  • Vintage aesthetic with analog knobs and square-front keys
  • 37 semi-weighted miniature keys
  • 128 user-customizable sound programs
  • Multi Modeling technology inspired by Korg's RADIAS and R3 full-sized music workstations
  • Digital effects processing inspired by Korg's KAOSS product line
  • Integrated vocoder with included gooseneck microphone
  • Six-pattern arpeggiator 
  • Full MIDI integration with MIDI-clock compatibility
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