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The Kodak EasyShare Z1285 is a digital camera that falls near the bottom of the Z-Series of Kodac EasyShare cameras.

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extremely easy to use, no real learning curve

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will zoom while recording video

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pictures and video look very sharp and clear in HD

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plenty of adjustable settings and shoot modes

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includes the cable for copying files over a USB connection

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uses SD cards, which are easy to find and low cost

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battery life is good, lasts a long time and just uses standard AA batteries so they're easy to replace on the fly

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image stabilization struggles when recording video in HD

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movie recording can only go 29 minutes in HD quality

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macro shooting mode is very poor, can't get very close to the subject

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The Kodak EasyShare Z1285 is a digital camera that falls near the bottom of the Z-Series of Kodac EasyShare cameras. Like all cameras in the Z-series, this model is capable of capturing true HD pictures and video in 16:9 format.  Its 12 megapixel resolution allows you to print photos up to 30" x 40" in stunning quality, and the 5x Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon optical zoom lens allows you to zoom in on your subject without sacrificing image quality. There is a 2.5" high resolution color display with a built in orientation sensor to ensure your photos are always displayed right side up. There is 64 MB of internal memory with a SDHC/SD card expansion slot allowing you to shoot as many photos as you wish. The on-camera "share" button, included Easyshare software and optional Easyshare camera dock makes sharing and saving pictures as simple as possible.  There are several picture enhancing features built into the camera including high ISO mode, digital image stabilization, panorama stitch mode and many more. The Z1285 comes with camera, oxy-alkaline AA batteries, USB cable, wrist strap, software and custom camera insert for optional camera and printer docks.

Standard features
  • Sensor type:  1 / 1.72 in. CCD
  • CCD total pixels:  12.4 MP (4088 × 3040)
  • Effective pixels:  12.1 MP (4011 × 3011 including ring pixels )
  • Lens:  35–175 mm (35 mm equiv.), f/2.8–f/5.1SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON Lens
  • Zoom:  5X optical, 5X continuous advanced digital
  • Image stabilizer:  digital
  • Shutter speed:  1/2–1/2000 sec. in smart scene mode and 8–1/1000 in manual mode
  • LCD:  2.5 in. (6.4 cm) high resolution (115k pixels) indoor/outdoor color display
  • Storage:  64 MB internal memory* available, SDHC/SD card expansion slot 
Auto focus
  • Type:  TTL imager AF system
  • Modes:  normal AF, macro AF, infinity AF, manual
  • Focus range, normal (wide): 2.0 ft (0.6 m)–infinity, (tele): 3.0 ft (0.9 m)–infinity
  • Focus range, macro (wide): 7.9 in.–0.3 ft (0.2–0.7 m), (tele): 1.6–3.3 ft (0.5–1.0 m)
  • Focus range, landscape (wide, tele): 32.8 ft (10 m)–infinity
  • Auto focus zones:  continuous AF, single AF, TTL multi-zone AF (5 zones), (4) center zone AF
Exposure control
  • ISO sensitivity:  auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200**
  • Metering modes:  multi-pattern, center-weighted, spot
  • Compensation:  ±2.0 EV with 1/3 EV steps
  • Bracketing:  ±2.0 EV with 1/3 EV steps, 3 images
  • AE lock:  when shutter button pressed
  • Histogram display
  • White balance:  auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, open shade
  • Range:  2.0–19.4 ft (0.6–5.9 m) at wide, ISO 400
  • Range:  2.0–10.5 ft (0.6–3.2 m) at tele, ISO 400
  • Modes:  auto, red eye reduction, fill, off
Shooting specifications 
  • Drive modes:  single shot, first burst (1.7 fps, 3 frames), last burst (1.7 fps, last 3 frames), self timer (10 sec.), delay shutter, 2 sec. two-shots self-timer 
  • Shooting modes:  smart scene, SCN, P (program), M (manual), video capture, high ISO, digital image stabilization
  • Scene modes:  portrait, sports, landscape, close-up, night portrait, night landscape, snow, beach, text/document, fireworks, flower, manner/museum, self-portrait, children, backlight, panning, candlelight, sunset, panorama stitch
  • Click to capture: 
  • Shot to shot: 
Still capture
  • Still format:  JPEG/EXIF v2.21
  • Picture size: 12.0 MP (4000 × 3000)—4:3
  • Picture size: 10.7 MP (4000 × 2664)—3:2
  • Picture size: 9.0 MP (4000 × 2256)—16:9
  • Picture size: 6.0 MP (2832 × 2128)—4:3
  • Picture size: 3.1 MP (2048 × 1536)—4:3
  • Picture size: 2.2 MP (1800 × 1200)—3:2
  • Picture size: 2.1 MP (1920 × 1080)—16:9
  • Picture size: 1.2 MP (1280 × 960)—4:3
  • Color modes:  high color, natural color (default), low color, sepia, black and white
  • Sharpness:  high, normal, low
  • Review options:  single image display (default), fast scroll, magnify: normal, 2X–8X in 1X increments, view by (all, date, album, image storage), album, KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology, crop, edit video, slide show, multi-up, copy, protect, setup menu, play movie, delete, Share/print, e-mail, Favorite, picture/video info 
  • Editing:  on-camera cropping, KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology, voice annotation
Video capture
  • Format:  QUICKTIME video format MPEG4
  • Quality:  HD (1280 × 720) at 30 fps, VGA (640 × 480) at 30 fps, QVGA (320 × 240) at 30 fps
  • Length:  continuous up to 80 min. or 2 GB based on memory capacity
  • Review options:  play, rewind, pause, fast-forward, forward and rewind by frame, multi-up, slide show, view by date, view by album, view by image storage
  • Editing:  make picture from video (1, 4, 9, 16-up), trim, video bookmarking
  • Custom settings:  LCD brightness, power saving, image storage, album, capture frame grid, orientation sensor, sound, volume, date and time, auto power off, video out, language
  • Favorites:  slide show, multi-up, setup menu, direct Favorites
  • Share:  print, print all, e-mail, Favorites, cancel print
Physical specifications
  • I/O interface:  A/V output (NTSC or PAL, user-selectable), exclusive KODAK Camera Dock/Printer Dock Interface, digital (USB 2.0) connector
  • Power:  optional KODAK EASYSHARE Docks with KODAK Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack; 2AA batteries (Ni-MH, Lithium, or Oxy-Alkaline)
  • Dedicated buttons:  power, shutter, mode dial, flash, self/burst, zoom, delete, disp/info/5-way switch, menu, review, Share
  • Tripod mount:  ¼ in. standard
  • Dimensions:  W × H × D: 3.5 × 2.5 × 1.2 in. (89.5 × 64.5 × 31.6 mm)
  • Weight  5.7 oz (161 g)
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