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The Kodak EasyShare C183 is a mid-cost digital camera.

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operates silently, even the zoom is extremely quiet

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handles low-light photography well, can even do long exposure shots

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startup time is short, can catch candid moments

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fast response when pressing the shutter release

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LCD preview is fast and easy to clear off for another shot

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includes a Macro mode for extreme close-ups, creates unique and interesting shots

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a bit bulkier than a typical point-and-shoot, but no viewfinder

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The Kodak EasyShare C183 is a mid-cost digital camera. The 14 megapixel resolution of this camera allows you to take high quality prints up to 30" x 40", as well as crop and enlarge without sacrificing quality. The 3x optical zoom of the EasyShare C183 allows you to get in close to subjects without hurting image quality. The blur reduction feature of this camera helps to ensure a clear picture. Once you have taken pictures, you can press the Share button and tag them to Kodak Gallery, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and Orkut sites, as well as e-mail. If you connect the EasyShare C183 to your computer and press the Share button, your pictures are automatically uploaded. You can also view pictures in HD on an HDTV or other HD device. There are color options available for the Kodak EasyShare C183.

  • Color options
  • 14MP
  • 3x optical zoom
  • 3" LCD
  • Blur reduction
  • Face Recognition
  • Smart Capture
  • Share button
  • 16:9 HD pictures
  • Up to 1000 ISO
  • Slideshow features
  • Built-in mechanical lens cover
  • Single/continuous focus
  • White balance
  • Auto mode
  • Red eye reduction mode
  • Fill mode
Color Options
  • Red
  • Black
  • Silver
Post Review
12/31/2010 03:21

I currently own a kodakmd853. wife bought me a C183 with 14 MP ,3x zoom, 3"LCD. I'm wondering how well this one does in low light,close-ups,and how long the AA batteries will last??? my 853 goes a long time with no wear down,when finished,just plug into computer and shes ready to go again. I do alot of ebay selling. Your thots??? thnx!



09/07/2011 02:14

This camera should do well in low light with an F/1.8 - 2.5 lens aperture range, as long as you can hold the camera steady as it has no image stabilization. I'm going to buy a refurbished one from a local store at half the price of new, just for the low light, w/o flash capabilities. Refurb because I've read of mechanical problems after awhile, Probably will add a weight to the screw mount to steady the camera. Also has a maximum 1000 speed ISO, so that should help in low light as long as the noise at such a high ISO isn't outrageous. With the 1.8 max aperture, ISO speeds of 400 and or 800 should be okay in the noise area.

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