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The Klipsch S-10 is a mid-cost 200 watt surround speaker.

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easy to mount on the wall, mounting points are easy to work with

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work at a high impedance to avoid any interferrence

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projects sound along the walls for a fuller sound

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respectable amount of bass delivery for a satellite speaker

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output enough power for a small or medium sized room

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fits in a corner perfectly, doesn't waste space

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not enough power to fill larger rooms

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look a little too much like commercial electronics, rather than consumer - don't really compliment many decor schemes

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The Klipsch S-10 is a mid-cost 200 watt surround speaker. The 4" IMG woofer of this speaker is aluminum treated, which helps to reduce sound distortion. The S-10 is equipped with a square Tractrix horn, which also helps to reduce distortion, and regulates the soundwaves from the speaker to expand the field of dispersion to 90 degrees x 60 degrees. This speaker utilizes the WDST (Wide Dispersion Surround Technology) configuration, which is an arrangement of the tweeters and woofer that produces large surround sound at the same time as providing precise localization of sounds. This speaker is a step down from the higher cost S-20 model in that it has less wattage (200 watts as opposed to 400 watts), smaller tweeters (.75" as opposed to 1"), and a smaller woofer (4" as opposed to 5.25"). The Klipsch S-10 surround speaker comes in a black ash vinyl finish.

  • 95Hz-23KHz ± 3dB frequency response
  • 50W RMS / 200W peak power handling
  • 89dB @ 2.83V / 1m senstivity
  • 8 ohms compatible nominal impedance
  • 2800Hz crossover frequency
  • Dual .75" aluminum diaphragm compression driver tweeters
  • 4" IMG woofer
  • Square Tractrix horn
  • Single binding post inputs
  • Sealed enclosure
  • Dimensions: 5.6" x 11.8" x 4.6"
  • Keyhole bracket mounting
  • Weight: 5lbs.
  • Black ash vinyl finish
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