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The Klipsch RS-52 II is a high mid-cost surround speaker.

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fills space evenly, covers a wide area without having to turn it up louder

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sound is very lifelike both for vocals and instruments

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generates more volume than other speakers with the same power coming from the amp

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magnetic grills make it easy to take them off for cleaning without risking damaging them

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attractive design looks very high-end and beautiful

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having drivers on two sides makes it impossible to position these speakers in some places

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hard to position them properly for best effect, end up playing with them for a longer time than other speaker designs

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The Klipsch RS-52 II is a high mid-cost surround speaker. The 1" titanum tweeters of this speaker are equipped with Tractrix horns, which manipulate the sound waves and up the dispersion field to 90 degrees x 60 degrees. The dual 5.25" Cerametallic cone woofers of the RS-52 II are treated with aluminum, which helps to cut down on sound distortion. The bass-reflex design of  this enslosure (with two side firing ports) helps to cut down on turbulence noise. The RS-52 II is set up in the WDST (Wide Dispersion Surround Technology) configuration, which by aligning the two horns at a 90 degree angle to each other, spreads the soundwaves of all frequencies in order to achieve a massive surround sound that is heavy on detail. This speaker is a step up from the lower cost RS-42 II in that it has 400 watts of power as opposed to 300 watts, and a bigger set of woofers (5.25" as opposed to 4"). However, the RS-52 II is a step down from the flagship RS-62 II in that the RS-62 II has a bigger set of woofers (6.5" as opposed to 5.25"), four side-firing ports (as opposed to two) and is 600 watts as opposed to 400 watts.

  • WDST technology
  • 62Hz-23kHz +/-3dB frequency response
  • 100W RMS / 400W Peak power handling
  • 95dB @ 2.83V / 1m sensitivity
  • 8 ohms compatible nominal impedance
  • 1700Hz high frequency crossover
  • Dual 1" titanium diaphragm compression driver tweeters
  • Dual square Tractrix horns
  • Dual 5.25" Cerametallic cone woofers
  • Bass-reflex via dual side-firing ports
  • Dimensions: 13" x 12.6" x 8.5"
  • Keyhole bracket mounting and Dual 1/4"-20 threaded inserts
  • Matte Black vinyl finish
  • Weight: 15lbs.
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