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The Klipsch Image S2m is a pair of noise-canceling earbud earphones released in 2010 as an upgrade from the original S2.

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A worthwhile competitor to similar noise-cancelling earbuds from Shure and Sennheiser - unit provides sufficient ambient noise reduction, especially considering the sub-$100 price point

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Overall sound outputting is excellent - audio is smooth, natural and clear, imparting minimal sound discoloration or distortion even at higher volumes

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Unified button control is ideal for on-the-go track and volume control - significantly minimizes likelihood of pressing a wrong button through ergonomic, directional design

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Earbuds are very comfortable in the ear - when seated properly, unit is virtually undetectable and provides hours of comfortable listening

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In-line microphone works remarkably well - many users report holding conversation in loud/windy environments with virtually no issues hearing the other party

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Unit works consistently well across all types of modern multimedia devices - excellent upgrade option for Apple iDevice/computer owners looking to upgrade from the stock white earbuds

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Requires a fair amount of adjustment time amongst users switching to noise-cancelling earbuds - new users may experience considerable discomfort within the first several weeks of use

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Noise cancelling properties are somewhat inferior to some competitor models - fairly easy to hear local noises including key typing, people conversing and other ambient sounds the may affect listening

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The Klipsch Image S2m is a pair of noise-canceling earbud earphones released in 2010 as an upgrade from the original S2. It inherits a dynamic moving coil design with controlled dampening for a more smooth and full-bodied audio experience. Like its predecessor, the S2m is compatible with any device (iPod, MP3 player, etc.) with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. What separates this model though is the incorporation of an in-line microphone with controls for conveniently answering and ending an iPhone phone call. Other than that, everything is a duplicate, including the piano black finish, three differently sized oval ear tips (small, medium, large), a carrying pouch, and a 2 year limited warranty.

  • Noise-Canceling Earbud Earphones
  • Piano Black Finish
  • Dynamic Moving Coil Micro-Driver
  • Compatible w/All 3.5mm Devices
  • Inline Microphone
  • Inline iPhone Controls
  • 12Hz-18kHz
  • 3 Oval Ear Tips
  • Cloth Carrying Pouch
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