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The Klipsch Image One is a premium pair of quality and stylish on-the-ear headphones that combine a black and chrome design.

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control stick is easy to work with, responsive and comfortable to work with

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bass response is very nice, good detail that doesn't overwhelm the mids and highs

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mids and highs are smooth without noticeable spikes, clear and neutral

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comes with some nice accessories, including a zippered pouch and a adapters for different connectors

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feels sturdy and doesn't creak as you work with it

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thicker cable than most, feels sturdy and doesn't tangle

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leather patches and chrome are an attractive combination, look high-end and stylish

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comfortable enough to wear for hours, won't get sore or overly hot

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doesn't have the crispness and warmth of higher end headphones

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The Klipsch Image One is a premium pair of quality and stylish on-the-ear headphones that combine a black and chrome design with large, 40mm drivers. In particular, the headphone set features a pivoting ear cup with premium leather and a high-density memory foam that helps promote hours of comfortable listening and enhanced passive noise resistance. And unlike conventional noise-canceling headphones, the Image One doesn’t require batteries. Users can merely plug them into any 3.5mm jack and partake in some music. What separates the Klipsch Image One from competitors is its inline, three-button remote system that allows users to make/receive phone calls and control music on an iPod, iPod, or iPod. In fact, the set comes with an integrated, 360-degree microphone with echo cancellation, meaning that the users voice transmits without any distortion. Unfortunately, the microphone is located lower on the cord, which means an “audio blowout” can easily occur while in the presence of heavy winds.

  • Premium On-The-Ear Headphones
  • Black/Chrome Finish
  • Lightweight/Comfortable
  • Ear Cups Fold Flat
  • Adjustable Leather Headband
  • 16Hz-23kHz Frequency Range
  • 40mm Drivers
  • Inline Controls
  • 3.5mm Stereo Connection
  • Thick Cables That don’t Tangle
  • Included Airline Adapter
  • Included ¼ Adapter
  • Included Carrying Case
  • IPod/iPhone/iPad Compatible
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