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The KitchenAid C Series KUDC03FVSS is a built-in dishwasher that offers the most basic cleaning features.

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sleek design compliments kitchen decor, simplified and subtle

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hidden controls prevent children from playing with them

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soap dispenser is designed too large, tends to hit the shelves inside and not open properly

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Kitchen Aid return policy is very strict, will rarely replace a unit

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door hinges are made of flimsy materials

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unit doesn't clean itself effectively, gradually get a build-up of grime on the bottom

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not very effective at cleaning dishes that have anything stuck to them

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The KitchenAid C Series KUDC03FVSS is a built-in dishwasher that offers the most basic cleaning features out of KitchenAid's line of dishwashers.  The dishwasher is designed with Whisper Quiet Ultima sound insulation for quiet operation and has a commercial grade stainless steel tall tub for holding a load capacity of 14 place settings.  It is equipped with a built-in hard food disposer to prevent clogging and has an optimum wash sensor which adjusts the water cycle for optimum results.  The KUDC03FVSS utilizes four stainless steel wash arms which evenly distribute the water during the 3 wash cycles and 3 wash options.  It includes a Heat Dry option with a dedicated drying element to ensure the dishes are dry at the end of the cycle.  The dishwasher is Energy Star qualified and is available in a stainless steel finish.  

  • Whisper Quiet® Plus Sound Insulation System (54 dBA) 
  • Four stainless steel wash arms
  • Built-in hard food disposer
  • Optimum wash sensor
  • Commercial grade stainless steel tall tub holds 14 place settings
  • 3 wash cycles
  • 3 wash options including a Heat Dry option with dedicated drying element
  • Extra large silverware basket
  • Hidden control panel
  • Energy Star qualified
  • 1 year limited warranty
Available Colours/Model #
  • Stainless Steel (KUDC03FVSS) - MSRP $849
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02/10/2011 10:03

This is on sale at Best Buy for $200, is it worth it ???? read some really negative review.

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