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The Kink 2011 Whip is a mid-range BMX bike.

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easy to get up on one wheel

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light weight materials, easy to pick up

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stylish paint job with nice angles, looks great

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versatile design, good for all kinds of situations

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durable frame, can handle hard landings

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handles well, can turn on a dime when you want it to

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hard to reconfigure, everything is extremely tight on it

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cranks and bearings are very basic, can't handle an advanced riders full attention

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The Kink 2011 Whip is a mid-range BMX bike. It weighs just over 25 lbs and has a Matte Ash and Flat Black finish. The forks are 100% Chromoly to ensure that they can absorb impact without warping, and the Kink Omega Grips have barends to help prevent hands from slipping during a hard landing. A basic mission integrated sealed headset works with a 3 piece Tubular Chromoly crank, and the sprocket is a Kink Aluminum 25t Decimal to balance durability with light weight. The brake system comes from Tektro, and has a basic straight linear cable design. Alienation rims come standard on Kink BMX bikes because of their durability, and as with most standard models in this range Kenda supplies the tires to provide decent traction.

  • Colors: Matte Ash, Flat Black
  • Weight: 25lb 13oz
  • Forks: Kink Volte Fork 100% Chromoly
  • Grips: Kink Omega Grips w/ Kink Drive Barends
  • Headset: Mission Integrated Sealed Headset
  • Seat: Kink Rival Pivotal
  • Brakes: Tektro 907 U-Brake w/ Straight Linear Cable
  • Hubs: F - Mission Echo Sealed, R - Mission React Sealed Cassette Hub w/ 9t Driver
  • Rims: F - Alienation PBR, R - Alienation Black Sheep
  • Tires: F - Kenda K1041 20x2.25", R - Kenda Kontact 20x1.95"
  • Cranks: 3pc Tubular Chromoly w/ Mission Sealed Mid BB
  • Sprocket: Kink Aluminum 25t Decimal Sprocket
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