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The Kink 2011 Liberty starts Kink's higher end of BMX bikes.

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built with light weight materials, easy to handle

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frame is very solid, can take a lot of abuse

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rims are pretty solid, last a long time

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forks can be bent with a heavy landing

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grips aren't secure, tend to slip around on the handles

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paint chips off fairly easily

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sprocket is a little flimsy, teeth will break off with heavy use

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The Kink 2011 Liberty starts Kink's higher end of BMX bikes. It is built for experienced riders, and as a result does not include brakes. The Trans Red colored bike weighs 24 lb 12 oz, and has Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals and 4 steel pegs built for durability. The Kink Strife fork is made of 100% Chromoly and has tapered legs. The Kink Rival Pivotal seat uses a Mission Pivotal post with a slim seat clamp to reduce potential snags. Alienation provides the rims as in most Kink BMX models, but Kenda Contact tires are used in this case to provide extra traction at odd angles.

  • Colors: Trans Red
  • Weight: 24lb 12oz
  • Forks: Kink Strife Fork 100% Chromoly Steerer Tube w/ Tapered Legs
  • Grips: Kink Alpha Grips w/ Kink Drive Barends
  • Stem: Mission Converge Stem
  • Headset: Mission Integrated Sealed Headset
  • Seat: Kink Rival Pivotal
  • Post: Mission Pivotal Seat Post w/ Slim Seat Clamp
  • Hubs: F - Mission Echo Sealed, R - Mission React Sealed Cassette Hub w/ 9t Driver
  • Rims: F - Alienation Black Sheep, R - Alienation Black Sheep
  • Tires: F - Kenda Kontact 20x2.25", R - Kenda Kontact 20x2.25"
  • Cranks: 3pc Tubular Chromoly Cranks w/ Mission Sealed Mid BB
  • Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals
  • Pegs: 4 Steel Pegs
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