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The 2011 Launch is a mid-range BMX bicycle from Kink that offers an alternative to the Kicker.

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One of the most affordable Kink models out there

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Grips are more durable than other Kink and competing models, also have comfortable hold

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25/9 gear ratio is not usually found on entry-level models

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Better quality Mission components than on other Kink models

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Relatively light (26 lbs) compared to other BMX bikes in this price bracket

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Seat does not pivot, so its position cannot be adjusted - most BMX bikes come with this feature

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Pedals are somewhat heavy and do not grip as well as other models

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Stock tires have a heavier tread than many similar bikes and begin to wear quickly

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The 2011 Launch is a mid-range BMX bicycle from Kink that offers an alternative to the Kicker, a similar model in the company's 2011 product line. Fitted with a pair of 20-inch wheels featuring Alienation PBR rims, the Launch functions as heavy-duty model intended for larger bikers. A set of Kink's own Volte forks provide quick and responsive turning via a chromoly steering tube, and a Mission integrated sealed headset ensures maximum durability over the front part of the bike. In addition, the rear of the bike is fitted with a set of three-piece tubular chromoly cranks for quick acceleration, and a sealed bottom bracket allows for safe and secure impact absorption that will be distributed evenly. 

  • Available in Mattle Black, Matte Blue, and Silver Shimmer colors
  • 20.25-inch top tube with 13.75-inch chainstay
  • Kink 7.75-inch Midtown handlebars
  • Mission Helix grips
  • Kink Corona seat
  • Alloy platform pedals
  • U-brakes with gyro system
  • Includes 2 steel pegs
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