The Kink 2011 Apex is a top of the line BMX bike.

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The Kink 2011 Apex is a top of the line BMX bike. It uses Kink 8 inch Rise Badger handle bars, and Kink Alpha Grips with barends to help prevent hands from slipping when landing after a jump. The forks are Odyssey CS2 Race Forks built to be light and durable, and the stem is an Odyssey CFL to match. This is the only bike in Kink's lineup to use Odyssey Evo II brakes, and Odyssey Twisted PC pedals are used here as well. Alienation Black Sheep rims are used in the front, and the Alienation Delinquent Chrome Plated rims are used in the back. Kenda tires are used for maximum traction in a variety of conditions.

  • Colors: Asphalt
  • Weight: 23lb 11oz
  • Bars: Kink 8 in Rise Badger Bars
  • Forks: Odyssey CS2 Race Forks
  • Grips: Kink Alpha Grips w/Kink Drive Barends
  • Stem: Odyssey CFL Stem
  • Seat: Kink Eclipse Pivotal
  • Post: Mission Pivotal Seat Post w/ Mission Slim Seat Clamp
  • Brakes: Odyssey Evo II Brakes with Straight Linear Cable
  • Hubs: F - Mission Echo Sealed, R - Mission React Sealed Cassette Hub w/ 9t Driver
  • Rims: F - Alienation Black Sheep, R - Alienation Delinquent Chrome Plated
  • Tires: F - Kenda K1041 20x2.25 in, R - Kenda Kontact 20x2.195 in
  • Cranks: 2pc Tubular Chromoly w/ Mission Sealed Mid Bottom Bracket
  • Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals
  • Pegs: 2 Steel Pegs
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