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A clip is also featured for fastening it to a belt or piece of clothing for easy transport.

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stays secure in the USB port, doesn't get loose

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easy to set up, just plug-and-play interface

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looks cute when plugged into the front of a car stereo, not obtrusive

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works with the OS as a standard storage device, no special software needed to drag/drop files

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fairly large capacities available, can store as much as you need it to

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small build profile, easy to carry around with you

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cap tends to fall off, never stays on very securely

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reliability is random, some units last for years and others for weeks

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The Kingston DataTraveler mini10 is a compact sized USB 2.0 flash drive compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux v.2.6.x+ and Mac OS X v.10.3.x+ systems and comes in 4GB - 32GB capacities. These are made without a cap that can be lost, opting instead for a slide function design that reveals/protects the USB plug. A clip is also featured for fastening it to a belt or piece of clothing for easy transport. Available colors are red(4GB), blue(8GB), forest green(16GB) and gray(32GB). Standard read/write speeds are supported and the overall dimensions are a mere 1.69" x 0.84" x 0.64". Five year warranty is included. Not Windows ReadyBoost compatible.

  • Capacities – 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
  • Dimensions – 1.69" x 0.84" x 0.64" (42.92mm x 21.33mm x 16.25mm)
  • Operating Temperature – 0° to 60°C / 32° to 140°F
  • Storage Temperature – -20° - 85°C / -4° to 185°F
  • Practical — capless design
  • Convenient – Pocket-sized for easy transportability
  • Simple – Just plug into a USB port
  • Guaranteed – Five-year warranty
  • Fashionable – Available in 4GB Red, 8GB Blue, 16GB Forest Green, 32GB Gray
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02/20/2012 02:46

Can not get this to work, running windows 7

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