The 2-in-1 Activity Table with LEGO-Compatible Board is a fun gift idea for any young, imaginative child.

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If your children enjoy playing with Legos or train sets, the KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table is what you need to keep their play area organized and neat. Designed for children ages 3 and older, this durable and versatile activity is the perfect size for young children to work from, yet large enough for multiple children to play around at once. The top doubles as a Lego-compatible building plate, allowing kids to snap their Lego pieces in place as they construct their sets, as well as a smooth veneer top that's ideal for setting up train tracks or using for other activities. The table also includes 200 Lego-compatible blocks and a 30-piece wooden train set.

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  • 200 LEGO┬«-compatible blocks and 30 piece train set
  • Double-sided play board and storage underneath
  • Large enough that multiple children can play at once
  • Sturdy construction
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Easy Setup and Sturdy Construction

The 2-in-1 Activity Table is an ideal way to keep your children's Legos or train sets organized and neatly stored. The tables ships in a flat box and is simple to construct. The only tool you need that's not included is a flat-head screwdriver. The included one-page instruction manual completely covers the construction of the table.

The table base is constructed of four durable, Formica-like sections that fit together easily with the included bolts. Once constructed, the table measures 25 x 23 x 17 (L x W x H) inches, and is designed to allow several children to play around it at once. You can also use the convenient open area under the table to store Lego sets or other toys that your children will be using on the table.

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Double-Sided Top Design Compatible with Legos

The table includes a double-sided top that easily drops in place. One side is a Lego-compatible building plat, allowing children to snap their Legos in place as they construct their sets. When it's time to construct a train set or use the table for other non-Lego activities, simply turn it over and you have a smooth, durable top to work on. The top fits snugly in place without screws or bolts, so no tools are needed to change activities. Also, the top features a Formica-like veneer, making it easy to keep clean with common household cleaners.

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Includes 200 Blocks and 30-piece Train Set

The Activity Table comes with 200 Lego-compatible blocks, which can either act as a Lego-type starter kit, or enhance any Lego collection. Also included is a 30-piece wooden train set that, although probably too basic for older children, will be the ideal beginner set for any younger child.

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What's in the Box

2-in-1 Activity Table with necessary bolts and dowel nuts for construction; Allen wrench; 200 Lego-compatible blocks; 30-piece wooden train set with track pieces, 3-piece train, house, figurines, trees, street sign, and street car; instructions manual.

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Choking Hazard -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Duplo blocks fit on the standard Lego base, so is this plate the same as the standard Lego base?

    Yes, this standard plate fits both duplo and the standard Legos.

  • Does it compatible with duplo?

    Lego base is compatible with duplo so this table is compatible with duplo. you can build Duplo pieces on top of it.

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