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The Kicker ZX700.5 is a hybrid member of the multi-channel series.

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has a sleek, impressive look that has a high-end feel

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no distortion to the signal at all, comes through clar

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enough power to fill the car with loud bass

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drives a lot of speakers at once

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can't handle extreme high-resistance speakers

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only a few speaker configurations work well

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not enough power to shake windows of other cars, not a competition amp

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The Kicker ZX700.5 is a hybrid member of the multi-channel series.  ZX multi-channel amplifiers range from 50 watts x 4 channels all the way to 215 watts x 4.  This gives the buyer a decent variety of power and price to choose from.  The ZX700.5 puts out 85 watts per 4 channels, 165 watts per 2 channels, and 420 Class D power for mono.  The multi-channel series have features similar to the stereo series such as a 12dB/octave electronic crossover and a KICKEQ Boost of up to 18 decibels of bass centered at 40 hertz.  The multi-channel series has some features the stereo series doesn't have, such as a fader dial which gives the consumer just that much more control over their sound system.  The ZX700.5 includes a remote bass control making it easier for the owner to customize their sound on the go.

  • Remote bass control
  • Power 2 Ohm Stereo: 85 watts x 4
  • Power 4 Ohm Bridged Mono: 165 watts x 2
  • Class D Power 2 Ohm Mono: 420
  • Dimensions: Length 20 in, Height 2-1/8 in, Depth 9-5/8
  • Active Crossover: 12dB/octave
  • KICKEQ Boost
  • Differential RCA inputs
  • Automatic turn-on modes: +12 V(Remote), DC Offset, Audio (Signal Sense)
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