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The Kicker ZX 150.2 is part of the ZX Stereo Amplifier line.

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can be heard over a block away, plenty of volume

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sends out punchy, impactful beats

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doesn't draw too much power from the car battery, good for a smaller car

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penetrating sound without the need for extreme wattage

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setup is very easy, don't need a lot of experience to do it

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relatively small build, can fit in just about anywhere

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output is a little muddy and looses some detail

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doesn't have a remote bass control, needs to be handled on the unit itself

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The Kicker ZX 150.2 is part of the ZX Stereo Amplifier line.  The line goes from the compact 50-watt model all the way up to a 425 watt one.  The Kicker ZX 150.2 is smaller, lower power item in the line with 75 watts per channel (or 150 watts if used as mono instead of stereo).  With a built-in 12dB/octave high-, low-, or all-pass electronic crossover variable, the Kicker ZX 150.2 is a good option for anyone wanting a stereo system with a compact size and a decent amount of watts.  The KICKEQ Boost that comes with Kicker stereo systems offers 18 decibels of bass centered at 40 hertz.  The Kicker ZX stereo series also comes with some automatic turn-on modes such as DC Offset which detects surge from hi-level speaker outputs.

  • Stereo sound
  • 75 watts
  • Smaller size: 2-1/8 in height, 9-5/8 in depth, 10-1/4 in length
  • 12dB/octave Active crossover
  • 18 decibles of bass centered at 40 hertz
  • Automatic Turn-On Modes: +12 V (remote), DC Offset, Audio (Signal Sense)
  • Differential RCA inputs
  • No Remote Bass Control
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