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Kicker's EB71M model includes, in addition to the above, several notable upgrades (among them: price) .

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Lengthy cable is ideal for users viewing video/movie content on laptop or computer - provides sufficient room for comfort and is also suited to exercise applications

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Wide frequency range enables dynamic, versatile listening - 29Hz to 19.5kHz spectrum provides full support of pop, rock, classical, hip-hop and electro genres

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Multiple color options increase user individuality - appeals to wider customer base of both male and female consumers

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Cloth-woven cable design is excellent - significantly less prone to tangling than standard rubber-coated counterparts

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Multiple ear tip sizes accommodate users of all types - XS to L components appeal to users of all age from either gender

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Unit is extremely lightweight - ~.5-gram design is very comfortable and portable, with certain users forgetting that they're even wearing the headphones

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Unit is somewhat lacking in terms of low-end frequency presence - similar noise-isolating models from Altec Lansing and Koss provide better bass response

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Kicker seems to want the EB71 to become not only a household name, but an office name and gym name as well--that's because these earbuds (or "in-ear monitors", as Kicker calls them) are designed to be worn all day and anywhere. Four soft silicone tips (including an exclusive small set) are included for users to choose their own comfortable fit, reducing strain irritation of the ear. A PVC-coated, 47.24 inch long cord allows flexibility and movement, and its nickel-plated stereo minijack can be plugged into nearly every audio device, including MP3s, iPhones, laptops, computers, etc. On the subject of audio, the EB71 boasts Kicker bass and full-range sound from 10mm speakers with neodymium magnets. Blue, pink, black, gray, and white colour options are available.

Model Variations

Kicker's EB71M model includes, in addition to the above, several notable upgrades (among them: price). Noise isolating and superior sound quality give the EB71M a step up, along with a microphone that can be adjusted up and down the cord via clip. The cord itself is a durable TPE-jacketed cable with a boosted length of 53 inches, and sports a multifunction button that can play, pause, or skip current music tracks, or switch the microphone and earbuds into phone call mode instantly. However, the EB71M does not ship in any other colour but black.

  • Includes four silicone tips for comfortable fit
  • PVC-coated, 47.24" cord
  • Nickel-plated stereo minijack fits most devices
  • Kicker bass and full-range audio deliver great sound quality
  • Available in pink, black, gray, or white
  • Frequency response: 29-19 500Hz
  • Sensitivity: 105dB/1mW
  • Nominal impedance: 32 ohm
  • Max input power: 5mW
  • Max output: 112dB
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