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In the EB101, Kicker has compacted its signature sound quality and secure fit into earbuds that can be worn continuously.

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Sealed design significantly reduces ambient noise - results in better overall sound quality with little environmental distraction

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Ultra-Gauge cable is light yet durable - easy to maneuver for exercise and storage without excessive tangling

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Fit is snug and comfortable - earbuds sit carefully between canal and conch areas

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Cable is very easy to wind for storage - lightweight nature enables quick coiling without risk of internal damage

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Ideal for frequent exercisers - earbuds remain firmly and place and cable doesn't get stuck to the user's body

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Excellent sound quality at the price point - crisp highs, punchy mids and powerful lows provided balanced, natural sound

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Straight headphone jack is prone to accidental removal - not as effective as L-type connectors for exercise and other motion-heavy activities

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In the EB101, Kicker has compacted its signature sound quality and secure fit into earbuds that can be worn continuously and comfortably, even during periods of activity. The 10mm speakers deliver low Kicker bass, realistic vocals, and everything in between, with only a half-ounce of weight and premium noise-isolating technology. Included are three Comply foam tips of different sizes, so wearers can choose the tip most comfortable for them, as well as a variety of colours (black, silver, pink, and green) for even more customization. A black woven, cloth-covered Ultra-Gauge cable prevents tangling, complete with a nickel-placed stereo minijack compatible with most audio devices, including iPhones.

Model Variations:

Kith and kin to the EB101 is the EB101M, an upgrade not only in price but greater versatility and features. The EB101M includes three silicone tips in addition to Comply foam tips for added comfort, and features a clip-style microphone that can be easily adjusted along the cord for optimal audio, enabling usage for phone calls as well as listening to audio. Finally, in a tough, braided cloth jacket at chest height is the multi-function button of the EB101M, which lets the wearer pause, play, and skip tracks on the music they are listening to, or switch over to phone mode in an instant.

  • In-Ear monitor design with premium noise-isolating technology provides secure fit and sophisticated audio
  • Kicker bass and realistic vocals ensures sound quality
  • Compact 10mm, half-ounce speakers
  • 3 Comply foam tips included for best fit
  • Black woven, cloth-covered Ultra-Gauge cable prevents tangling
  • Nickel-plated stereo mini-jack
  • Available in black, silver, pink, or green
  • Frequency response: 27-19 000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 103dB/1mW
  • Nominal impedance: 16 ohm
  • Max input: 5mW
  • Max output:110dB
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