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This compact workbench folds down to less than 4 1/2" for easy storage in even the smallest spaces.

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This compact workbench folds down to less than 4 1/2" for easy storage in even the smallest spaces. Whether you have a workshop or a makeshift area for completing home improvement projects, this lightweight sawhorse alternative easily fits into any space. Despite its easily stored frame, the folding workbench is sturdy and boasts a large work area with a weight limit of 1000 pounds. Measuring 21.70" L x 33.50" W x 29.70" H, the bench can accommodate most do-it-yourself projects.

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  • Portable Work Station
  • Two Removable 12-Inch Clamps Included
  • Unique Quick-Opening System
  • Large Work Surface
  • Holds Up To 400 Pounds / 181 Kilograms
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size is the work table?

    33" left-to-right, 21' front-to-back and 30" tall. The footprint is 3" longer (36") because the legs angle out a bit but the depth is the same (21").

  • Image shows a large saw being used on the work bench. Can saws be attached to the work bench?

    The top of the bench is about 3" thick, honeycomb thermoplastic, with a variety of clamping points. Clamp wood to the surface, and use your power tools in your hands. But the bench will hold hundreds of pounds and is very stable (I have stood on it - 220 lbs). This workbench is considered a mobile workbench, and is no match for a heavy metal tool stand. And how do you define a large saw, 12" comercial table saw, or power miter saw, Say the saw weighs 50 pounds. If you can clamp or bolt the your saw to the top, in my opinon it will hold the weight and stress of cutting standard wood pieces. If you are trying to cut railroad ties, it is probably not the right bench.

  • How much does it weigh?

    About 25 lbs without actually getting on a scale with it BUT if you were to read the specifications, it explicitly tells you 29.5 pounds Technical Details Part Number 17182239 Item Weight 29.5 pounds.

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