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The Kenwood KVT-516 is a high end audio/visual head unit.

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Sub and EQ options match pricier units.

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Crystal clear picture- dvd playback is awsome

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Excellent sound quality with no distortion at high volumes.

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Navigating DVD menus is a pain without the remote.

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UI is a bit rough around the edges.

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Unit can't be set with a default monitor position as it is reset every time the unit is turned off.

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Support of older iPod/iPhone devices is a bit wonky.

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USB read/write performance is pretty slow.

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The Kenwood KVT-516 is a high end audio/visual head unit. The 6.95 inch motorized touchscreen features a graphic user interface (GUI) that can be color coordinated with the interior decor of the vehicle. Audio output is sent to 4 channels at 50 watts, and front, rear and subwoofer preouts are available for additional amplifiers. Full iPod and iPhone integration allows complete control and access to your mobile devices, and hands-free calling can set up with an optional Bluetooth accessory. This unit is ready to add several other functions with accessory add-ons, such as Navigation, Satellite radio, and HD radio. Inputs are available for USB storage devices, external A/V channels, and a rear camera. An additional A/V output is available for an optional backseat monitor.

  • 6.95 in motorized touchscreen display
  • 50W x 4 channels
  • F/R/SW Preouts
  • MP3, WMA, AAC, MPEG 1 & 2, DVD R/RW, CD R/RW
  • Full iPod and iPhone integration
  • Graphic User Interface with Color Coordination
  • Navigation Ready with Optional KNA-G610
  • Bluetooth Ready with Optional KCA-BT300
  • Satellite Ready with Optional Adaptors
  • HD Radio Ready with Optional KTC-HR300
  • USB, A/V, Rear Camera Input
  • A/V Output
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