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The Kenwood KIV-701 is a dashboard compatible digital media receiver.

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Compatible with Zune HD

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Allows you to customize text and visual displays

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Can have some issues when your connecting your iPhone/iPod- doesn't always recognize it

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May have some problems seeing it since the curved screen reflects a lot of light

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Lack of documentation- directions are on a dvd

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Menu navigation is not that intuitive- takes some time to get through the functions

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There is a delay when your skipping through songs

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The Kenwood KIV-701 is a dashboard compatible digital media receiver designed to offer updated style and function to in-car media systems. Without the familiar CD slot, the KIV-701 relies on its iPod ready USB input, an A/V input, and a built-in 512 MB flash drive for user-owned content. Beyond standard AM/FM radio capabilities, it is also offers PANDORA connectivity for personally tailored internet radio stations. Video capabilities also allow for viewing on the 3" screen, whether it be stored video from an external media device, or from a connected rear-view camera that will override the video feed when the car is shifted into reverse. The KIV-701 can also act as the base station for video sent to rear seat video screens, while still allowing the driver to listen to another source in the front.


  • Plays MP3/WMA/AAC files
  • 3-band parametric equalizer with 8 presets
  • Dual-zone audio capabilities
  • Compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls (adapter required)
  • Built-in MOSFET amplifier (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels)
  • Color TFT display with variable-color button illuminated
  • Remote control
  • 1 year warranty
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