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The Kenwood KDC-MP445U is a mid-range single-DIN car audio receiver.

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Excellent feature set for the price point - on par with competitors from Sony and Clarion at the ~$150 range

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USB port offers a wide variety of external connectivity options - supports thumb drives, smart phones, Mp3 players and more

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Installation is relatively simple - most users will be able to self-install due to clear, informative instruction manual

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Mp3 CD support is a major selling point - significantly increases the amount of music accessible from a single disc

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Native iDevice support has multiple benefits - automatic charging and interactive menu navigation are excellent features

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Lack of an adjustable EQ severely limits audio customization options - puts unit at a disadvantage as compared to similar products from Pioneer and JVC

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Number of navigation menus borders on excessive - likely to frustrate users upon regular use

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The Kenwood KDC-MP445U is a mid-range single-DIN car audio receiver. Like the KDC-MP345U, it is a step up from the entry-level models, adding a USB port which enables iPod/iPhone functionality. Users can browse, search, and control a connected iPod via the receiver interface. The receiver is also an upgrade over the MP345U, supporting Bluetooth, satellite radio, and HD radio via separately purchased accessories, and equipped with a superior, 2-line display. The receiver's CD player supports MP3 and WMA audio, and an AM/FM tuner is also standard. The unit is equipped with three 2.5V preamp outputs, and reaches 50 W of power output per channel, or a total of 200 W.

  • 1-DIN form factor
  • Full Dot 2-line display
  • CD player
  • AM/FM tuner with presets
  • AUX input
  • USB port with 1-Wire iPod Direct Connect
  • iPod/iPhone control
  • Advanced iPod/iPhone search functions
  • Function presets
  • 4x50W max. power output
  • 3 2.5V preamp outputs
  • Remote control
  • Bluetooth with optional accessory
  • HD/SAT radio with optional accessory
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