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The Kenwood KDC-MP345U is a single-DIN car audio receiver.

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audio quality on par with top range head units, details clear and easy to pick out

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iPod and iPhone library navigation and control fast and responsive, display updates immediately

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amateurs can install this unit with no additional kits and with no expert help

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need to hit a 'return' button to exit a setting, rather than having it time out - awkward while driving

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display is very hard to see in sunlight

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tone controls only add or subtract a total of 8db from treble, mids or bass

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remote sensor is very weak, remote needs to be pointed directly at it

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The Kenwood KDC-MP345U is a single-DIN car audio receiver. It is a step up from the entry-level KDC-MP145 and MP245, adding a USB port which enables iPod/iPhone functionality unavailable with the lower-end, AUX-only models. Users can browse, search, and control a connected iPod via the receiver interface. The KDC-MP345U sits below Kenwood's mid-range offerings, however, lacking the ability to add Bluetooth or satellite radio support via separate accessories and relying on a lower-end, single-line display. The receiver's CD player supports MP3 and WMA audio, and an AM/FM tuner with presets is also standard. The unit is equipped with two 2.0V preamp outputs, and can output up to 50 W per channel, or a total of 200 W.

  • 1-DIN form factor
  • 13-digit 1-line FL display
  • CD player
  • AM/FM tuner
  • USB port
  • AUX input
  • iPod/iPhone control/browse/search
  • 4x50W max. power output
  • 2 2.0V preamp outputs
  • Remote control
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