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The Kenwood KDC-HD545U is an all-in-one automobile A/V receiver designed to "cover all the bases. "

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audio output is clear and distinct, very little distortion or noise

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interfaces with portable devices and charges them while it plays

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wide variety of inputs, including AUX, USB and data CDs of MP3 and AAC files

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loses all settings ever time it is reset - no way to save them

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unit is prone to freezing, and will need to be reset

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stations with poor signal will flip between analog and digital signals, creating an "echo effect"

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configuration instructions need to be read - too complicated to set up without them

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The Kenwood KDC-HD545U is an all-in-one automobile A/V receiver designed to “cover all the bases.” As well as coming with an integrated CD player, the unit also offers A built-in HD Radio tuner with iTunes tagging, auxiliary/USB inputs, and iPod direct control functionality through the USB interface. Plus the receiver can be expanded via an optional Kenwood CD changer, satellite radio tuner, or Bluetooth wireless adapter. What critics find especially appealing about the KDC-HD545U is its wide array of functions, including one-touch shortcuts to favorite playlists/channels, Search/Return keys, and of course iPod control. Additional features include a 200W MOSFET amplifier (integrated), a detachable face with a 13-character display, and 6-channel preamp outputs.

  • Automobile A/V Receiver
  • Integrated Single-Disc CD Player
  • Integrated HD Radio Tuner
  • iPod Direct Control
  • Convenience Functions
  • MOSFET Amplifier
  • Detachable Face
  • System Q Sound Control
  • Supreme Setting Function
  • System e’s High/Low-Pass Filters
  • Bluetooth Adapter Compatible
  • CD Changer Compatible
  • Steering Wheel Audio Control Compatible
  • Satellite Radio Compatible
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
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