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The Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X991 is an in-dash CD receiver.

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pre-outs are top quality, perfect for high-end amplifiers

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iPod integration is fast and offers full control

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easy to remove and re-attach the front panel, just takes a second

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audio output is clear and bright, sounds great on any speakers

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attractive design and colorful screen, impresses the passengers

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not easy to quickly select different options while driving

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interface isn't very intuitive, takes some time to figure out

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The Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X991 is an in-dash CD receiver.  In addition it offers USB Direct control, letting the consumer plug in their portable music devices into its 1-wire iPod connection.  The screen is a 4096 color customizable OEL display and is motorized with a removable panel.  This allows the consumer to remove the danger of having their car robbed by either taking the display with them or storing it in the glove compartment.  The eXcelon KDC-X991 can rip CDs in to memory allowing it to store up to 370 songs.  This is another anti-theft feature.  Instead of keeping a book of CDs in the car, ready to be stolen, each CD can be kept in the memory of the device.   Finally the 3 5V pre-outs are gold plated.

  • 4096 color OEL Display
  • Motorized removable panel
  • Illumination Effect
  • 1-wire iPod connection
  • CD player
  • USB direct control
  • Multi-control wheel
  • iPod mode
  • Gold Plated 3 Pre-outs (4V)
  • Rear AUX port
  • 512MB memory for CD ripping
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12/10/2008 03:48

Quite a nice deck. Prices are coming down on them too. Had this attached in a 1996 Civic, with a 120 GB hard drive behind it. Read times on USB are relatively slow depending on size, as it wanted to read the entire index before beginning to play.
There will actually not be a KDC-X992 for the 2009 year from what I'm to understand.

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