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The Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X692 is an in-dash CD receiver.

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offers great control over the sound, nice crossover controls and EQ

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outputs a deep, clean bass signal

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fits lots of information on the display, text is easy to read

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enough output power to make the most of OEM speakers or aftermarket speakers without an additional amp

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mid-range is smooth and full

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reads from the USB port quickly, expands compressed audio to sound very full

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highs are crisp and clean without getting too harsh

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blue light gets a bit distracting at night

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control knob is a bit sensitive, doesn't always react as you'd expect

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The Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X692 is an in-dash CD receiver.  In addition it offers USB Direct control, letting the consumer plug in their portable music devices into its 1-wire iPod connection.  The screen has an interactive illumination effect and a full-dot FL display.  With a multi-control wheel with a iPod mode for more exact control over the external device.  In terms of sound quality it offers System QEX/E+ crossovers along with high voltage pre-outs.  This system is fairly basic when it comes to features, but this has a benefit.  The advantage of a system bereft of features is that its cost is greatly reduced in comparison to other in-dash receivers.  If all you want is a CD player that can connect to an iPod or other music device and need to keep the cost down, the Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X692 is perfect.

  • 4-tone Full-dot FL Display
  • Illumination Effect
  • 1-wire iPod connection
  • CD player
  • USB direct control
  • Multi-control wheel
  • iPod mode
  • 3 Pre-outs (4V)
  • Rear AUX port
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