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The Kenwood eXcelon DNX9980HD is an in-dash 2-DIN navigation and multimedia device.

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Garmin navigation is feature-rich, accurate and has a nice voice

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user interface is slick and works well, feels very responsive

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customizable backgrounds keep it from being bland like most players

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excellent control over the sound, with 13 band EQ and a calibration that makes a big difference

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screen is very crisp, every pixel well defined with no blurring

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hard to change songs on an external drive, file browsing isn't very intuitive

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free navigation comes with advertisements, tedious and distracting

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startup time is a little slow, can be up to 20-30 seconds before the iPod is playing

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The Kenwood eXcelon DNX9980HD is an in-dash 2-DIN navigation and multimedia device which comes with a whole raft of audio features while including Garmins GPS unit as standard. This model is at the top of Kenwoods range and includes extras such as HD radio and Voice control for the GPS unit.

This model has a 6.95" WVGA touchscreen on which to display the preloaded maps of the U.S and Canada. Extra features of this Garmin technology include Lane assist and Junction View, 3D landmarks and NAVTEQ Live Traffic service. The DNX9980HD includes a multitude of media options to provide in-car entertainment with a DVD/CD player, Pandora radio service, and USB connection to iPod/iPhone/MP3 devices. What makes this model stand out from others in the DNX range are HD Radio and Twin iPod control functions. The Twin iPod feature allows a main iPhone/iPod to be connected for audio/video playback whilst a 2nd iPod is connected for audio playback only. With Bluetooth built-in, split screen AV control and voice recognition technology, this helps make driving safer easier while providing for all entertainment needs.

  • Garmins GPS unit - with NAVTEQ traffic, 3D landmarks, Lane assist and Junction view
  • 6.95" WVGA touchscreen
  • DVD player
  • eXcelon Technology for high quality audio function
  • HD radio
  • Pandora radio service
  • Bluetooth
  • Twin iPod feature
  • Advanced Speech Recognition
  • Split screen AV control
  • USB connection
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