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The Kenwood DPX503 is a high-end double DIN car audio receiver released by Kenwood in 2008.

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display colors can be customized to match your dashboard display

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EQ offers a good variety of options for the creation of preferred sound

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installation is very simple, first-time installers can handle it

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knobs are difficult to work with, feel like they might break

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display is too dim for direct daylight, just can't be seen

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can't adjust the settings while driving, process is too involved

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only 6 preset channels for the radio

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The Kenwood DPX503 is a high-end double DIN car audio receiver released by Kenwood in 2008.  With a $320 price tag, it simply comes as one of the most expensive car players offered by Kenwood, and all other big names for that matter. It has a large fine-dot display with four lines of text and a large multi-color wheel for quick music search. It also features a front AUX input for those who want to plug in their portable music players. This piece is compatible with MP3/WMA/AAC files and has a front USB port as well, something which the $70 cheaper Kenwood DPX303 doesn't offer. It also offers supreme technology for compressed music, a tool that improves music that has been compressed (ie mp3 files) and makes it approach the quality of its original form. This piece takes full advantage of the extra display size it occupies and offers a truly usable experience for users. The target market would be people who are willing to pay for a powerful audio system that is both usable and feature rich. 

  • Large Fine Dot Display with 4 Lines of Text
  • Inputs: front auxiliary and USB inputs, optional rear aux input
  • Illuminated Front AUX Port for iPods or other portable music players
  • Multi-control Wheel for easy music search
  • 2 Pre-outs at 2.5 Volts/Rear Switchable to Low Pass with filter and level control
  • CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/WMA/AAC Compatibility
  • Ready for iPod (KCA-iP500)
  • Security Code Function
  • Supreme technology for compressed music
  • IR Remote Control included
  • 50 Watts x 4
  • Bluetooth, Sat Radio and HD Radio Ready
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07/22/2009 05:45

If you buy this radio you will hate it during the day. You can not see the display at all during daytime. I called Kenwood three times trying different settings.

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