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The DNX7180 is a touchscreen GPS device from the Kenwood company.

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Integrated Garmin Navigation is excellent- quick and easy to use

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Bright, big enough screen size is easy to read

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Difficult to navigate through the Interface- not particularly intuitive

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If you want to get HD radio your going to need to buy an HD tuner

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Can get sluggish from time-to-time

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Poor reception on HD radio- separate tuner takes away from quality

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If you're trying to integrate something other than an iPod/iPhone you will have problems (zune/android)

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The DNX7180 is a touchscreen GPS device from the Kenwood company. Powered by Garmin global positioning technology, this model is pre-loaded with comprehensive North American map data courtesy of Navteq. Real-time traffic updating is also supplied via Navteq, with support of nearly 100 major cities throughout Canada and the US. The unit will automatically divert drivers around a known traffic congestion or road closure, with "Manual Mode" also available for user-dictated navigation. Garmin's acclaimed "Lane Assist" function has been incorporated within the DNX7180 for increased directional accuracy, with "Junction View" helping to recreate road signs and landscapes for improved realism. The unit also offers full A/V compatibility, with split-screen functionality for configuring entertainment content without the loss of map data. Parrot-powered Bluetooth ensures safe hands-free calling, while USB 2.0 connectivity supports direct iPod/iPhone playback for high-quality listening. Users with the official Pandora Radio application on their device can stream broadcast signal directly to their vehicle's sound system, providing a sensible alternative to paid radio services like Sirius or XM. 

  • Matte Black aesthetic with Blue LED highlighting 
  • Navteq North American map data
  • Navteq real-time traffic updating 
  • Lane Assist with Junction View 
  • Reverse Tilt monitor 
  • Split screen audio/video control
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • USB connectivity 
  • Pandora Radio support 
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