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The DNX6180 is a GPS navigation system with a built-in multimedia player from Kenwood.

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navigation software is very good, well rendered and gives good directions

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plays a wide range of file formats, great support

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built in EQ works well, adds dimension to the sound

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audio output is clear, great definition and capable of strong output

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missing random common features like a remote or Bluetooth audio

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pairing with an Android phone is finicky, sometimes needs to be re-paired

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takes a long time for contacts to show up

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display is very bright at night even when turned all the way down

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touch screen isn't always responsive, hard to work with

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The DNX6180 is a GPS navigation system with a built-in multimedia player from Kenwood. The unit contains Garmins GPS technology, including Lane Assist and Navteq traffic, as well as a DVD player, AM/FM radio and a USB port for connecting iPods, iPhones or other media devices.

Using the 6.1" WVGA touchscreen, the driver can navigate through the on screen menus, find and input routes and locations using preloaded map data, and scroll through their music collection. There is also a split screen AV control option so the screen can show the navigation on one side and media source options on the other. This model also contains Bluetooth wireless technology which enables hands free calling, an extra feature compared to the Kenwood DNX5180. With Pandora connectivity and Slide Touch technology compatible with iPods, this multimedia player will entertain while guiding to the planned location.

  • GPS navigation system
  • Preloaded NAVTEQ maps of USA and Canada
  • DVD player
  • AM/FM radio
  • USB port
  • Slide Touch interface for iPods
  • Bluetooth wireless technology built-in
  • Pandora Internet Radio Connectivity
  • Lane assist and Navteq traffic
  • 6.1" WVGA touchscreen
  • Dimensions:  182 x 112 x 159.3mm (7.2" x 4.6" x 6.4")
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