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The Kenmore 4219 is a high-end front-loading washer very similar to the Kenmore 4102.

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power draw is very low on average

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high-end looking finish with a nice panel layout

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can barely hear it while in operation and it doesn't vibrate

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plenty of wash cycle options for a wide range of laundry types

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uses a minimal amount of water per load

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works well with high-efficiency detergents

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need to wipe down the rubber seal at the opening to avoid smelly mold buildup

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The Kenmore 4219 is a high-end front-loading washer very similar to the Kenmore 4102. The main improvements that the 4219 brings to the table over the 4102 are its 1300 max RPM (Rotations Per Minute) and SmoothTouch controls. Otherwise, the Kenmore 4219 offers all of the same high-end as the 4102, including SmartSense and Vibration Guard technology.

The 4219's 1300 max RPM enables it to wash, rinse and dry faster than any other washer in Kenmore's 4000 series of washers while its SmoothTouch controls are extremely easy to use, allowing you to choose cycles and options with intuitive audio/visual cues to guide you through each step. Its SmartSense technology ensures that the 4219 always delivers the best possible clean as it detects variables such as the amount of detergent, water hardness and water temperature and automatically adjusts wash and rinse times to even things out. Additionally, the 4219's Vibration Guard technology ensures a smoother and quieter operation by way of vibration dampeners and a balancing system.

  • 4.5 cu. ft. drum capacity
  • 10 wash cycles and 8 wash options
  • 1,300 max RPM
  • Energy Star certified
  • NSF certified - eliminates 99.9% of certain bacteria naturally
  • Smart Wash Technology provides 4 wash motion options
  • Vibration Guard technology ensures quieter performance
  • SmartSense technology automatically adjusts the wash and rinse time when too much or too little detergent is detected
  • Steam Care technology provides a variety of powerful steam clean options
  • Intuitive SmoothTouch control
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